About Advanced Dental Administration

Advanced Dental Administration is an east Tennessee company, founded to address the need for highly trained Dental Front Office Team Members.

A shortage of dental personnel is causing the roles of our team members to change.  Dental Assisting students may be successfully trained in the clinical aspects of dental assisting but most do not receive enough in-depth training to confidently work as a Front Office Team member.

Our founder, Deanna Hutcheson, created the Dental Office Administration training course to give Front Office Team members the opportunity to gain knowledge to feel confident in their skills and be successful in their roles.

Along with the Dental Office Administration course, Advanced Dental Administration offers an OSHA Review and HIPAA Review course. With 20+ years as an OSHA and HIPAA Compliance Officer, Ms. Hutcheson stays current with all compliance regulations and requirements.

Located in Kingston, Tennessee, Advanced Dental Administration holds seminar-style meetings at various locations for Dental Office Administration training and will come to your office for OSHA/HIPAA Compliance Review.