End of Year Checklists

I sit here looking at the calendar, realizing 2023 is almost over. My thoughts go to the tasks I will be faced with when I return to the office tomorrow. Creating an end-of-year checklist for the dental front office is a great way to ensure that all necessary tasks are completed and that the practice is well-prepared for the upcoming year. Here I share with you a few tasks that might help your front office team.

Fee Schedule Update:

Evaluate and update the fee schedule if necessary.

Budget Review:

Review the current year’s budget and create a new budget for the upcoming year.

Identify areas for potential cost savings or efficiency improvements.

Community Engagement:

Evaluate the success of any community outreach programs.

Plan and schedule new community engagement initiatives.

Year in Review Marketing:

Plan marketing strategies for the upcoming year.

Print a Social Media calendar for 2024.

Staff Training Review:

Assess staff training needs and plan for any necessary training sessions.

Schedule professional development opportunities for the team.

Ensure that all staff members are up-to-date on HIPAA and OSHA training.

Administrative Tasks:

Prepare to update any changes in insurance policies.

Review outstanding balances and follow up with patients for payments.

Check the appointment schedule for the upcoming year. Block off for Holidays, Continuing Education, Team Meetings, Vacations.

Run end-of-year reports for financial and patient analysis.

Coordinate with the accountant to ensure all financial records are in order.

By systematically going through this checklist, your dental front office can wrap up the current year smoothly and start the next year well-prepared. Adjust the list based on the specific needs and processes of your dental practice.